Me, Lee, and (3 of 3)

More Free Improvisation

Visuals generated with  ArgeiphontesLyre, by  Akira Rabelais

I was really happy with this at first.

During the set I could hear Lee very well, and I thought we were blending better than the first two sets, which were fine, but I thought we were noticeably more in sync this time. Now after a week or so, I can see/hear that I could have been more restrained and things would have come out much nicer. There’s a lot of nice work in there by Lee and it’s frankly getting swamped by the guitar.

I think we’re going to need to add individual mics if we want an ideal mix. I was really hoping that the stereo pair would do it. There’ s a kind of simple purity I was heading for.

Also, I played too much, but I was having a good time.

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