The Coming End of Lockdown

Not tomorrow, next week, or probably next month, but barring any mutations or other disasters a vaccine will open the world up again. We’ll go back to teaching in person. People won’t get scowled at (by me) for not wearing masks. We’ll go to a party that will probably be about all our friends being immune. I’ll go the States to hang out with my sister and the rest of the family.

The past year has been different and being ‘free’ will be great, but I don’t seeĀ  things quite going back to the way they were before CoVid-19. Concerts, for instance, now have several standing working methods for streaming. That won’t stop. Especially for university based concert music and home artists. Live streams, even ‘watch parties’ have a cozy place in a post-pandemic world.

I’ve been part of two streamed concerts, one from the University of Sheffield and one from The University of Birmingham. Both went well and both had much larger attendance that they do in real life. This is going to be a big boost for composing with 3D audio (HRTF/Atmos/Ambisonic/Dolby. I’m finally joining in, but It’s slow going. That probably means I need to put more work into it.

So I will. I am hopefully in the Spring/April concert in Sheffield and I intend to compose what I’m working on in Ambisonic and render it for headphones as binaural (hrtf).

Wish me luck people (or person, or probably just future me), and good luck to you!

Also, the new website, is mobile friendly. It should be ready by the first of January.