Field Recording, Bouldering, and Gravity’s Part II

I’d meant to do this piece years and years ago. For practical reasons the sounds were taken from climbing gear: friends, nuts, ropes, etc. This time I wanted to get back to original projectI was recording my attempting some problems in Cademan Wood yesterday and right now I’m reviewing them.

First thing about bouldering sounds: There’s just a little scraping and falling mostly.  Some breathing and cursing I guess. Pigeons are annoying and persistent


I will take a windscreen next time, but this time was fine. I’ll also have some proper mics and an interface if possible. I’ll be working in MS for the most part as I go along but this is just an Olympus LS-100 with the built in mics. I’ll use anything interesting if it’s there, but this was a pre-session investigation I tagged on to a 5+ project I wanted to climb. (I got it)

Warm up on Hidden Wall
Shoe against rock, hands, wind,  pacing around, dragging the mat, a fly or a bee (or is that in the studio?). I’m reviewing this with the high pass filter (damn wind).

Probably not much useful here, but I’m still taking the gear to Buxton. Might get a nice dawn chorus if I get up early enough.

Final assessment. Nothing here. Catalogued and put away. (new tagging software!)