RCP Pt 2 (now ‘room correction project’)

also see https://nance.hcommons.org/studio-report/

Plenty of Rockwool in the corners now, the desk has moved a little and the speakers as well.

I’m still learning. The desk is actually too big for a mixing room. I’m not getting rid of it, but it means the next practical move is treating the ceiling. So far I’m just covering the standard bases. I’ve got first and second reflection points covered, both of which will need some adjustments as the desk shifts. I have a 10cm bass panel on the back wall, a triangular (prism) trap under it, just stacked sideways on a bale of acoustic rated Rockwool (RWA45).

The front has three 10cm panels just above and behind the speakers, and another bale of rwa45 standing in between them, with two bales more of insulation stacked in each front corner.

I want to mount the clouds with some space behind them, but the room is short, so I hope that’s practical.

I have a series of measurements made with a Neumann omni documenting various changes in room placement of the various panels and bales. Some are logical and useful and a couple are silly and voodoo related. I’ll be posting those results, but getting one final reading with an ECM 8000, before the ceiling panels are built and go up.