Studio Treatments (pt. 3)

RCP Pt 3

annnd we (me) continue,

I’ve done one test using one HHB Circle 5A monitor with the monitor on the long wall. That is also the wall with the window. I know that it’s considered best to aim the speakers down the longer length of the room, but the difference between one and the other is about 11% (304 to 344). I’m guessing, and mostly only guessing, that the minimal size of the room vs the shape won’t gain me a great advantage and that I might gather some more imaging control by having more symmetrical sides. I won’t know for sure until I turn the whole room but the preliminary measurements are promising. The biggest confound is, of course, the desk.

These are right and left positions and one offset. Not a reliable measurement for several reasons, but promising.

The speakers have been with the manufacturer for a couple of weeks now. over 2 months.— 3.5 and counting

i think I keep forgetting that I’m really useless at composition in order to shield me from how dire my actual situation is. I can obsess over gear and bad phrasing while my life grinds on until it’s over.

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