There’s an upcoming issue of a new music journal that includes ecological-based compositional practice. It’s something I really want to take part in.
More information as it is released.

saturday last

It was about 9pm. Wanted to make sure things weren’t worse than they had to be,so I parked about a block from the city jail. Just in case. Mornings can be a bitch.



More Web Fun

More adjustments on the website. It’s subtle. Too subtle really, for a page that rarely gets a hit, but I like playing with it.

Now, if you can notice it or let it sit for a few seconds to let it rise to the surface, a ‘play’ triangle pops up in the middle of the center logo. When you hit it one of the AL animations of the improvs plays underneath the logo, fading in and out.

If you can find the “full screen” button, (although that isn’t likely) it has a great inadvertent ghosting effect. I’m quite happy with it.

I understand that for search optimization purposes, it helps to update the page relatively often. This will be a way of doing that easily. I can just paste the new youtube address i the iframe div.

The Stroll

Errands to run so I’ll walk today. Irvin Arditti is tonight. Music to write today. Friday is improv at the house with Lee, so maybe sketching some scores of some kind might speed things along.

So… Lee is bring some hand-held percussion items and hopefully a plethora of mallets. I’m prepping the improv guitar (Dauphin) for him. I’d really like for this first encounter to be completely free, but I’ll sketch some stuff out just in case.

Probably I’d best prep an aural score. It might be nice to have something to talk to Ricardo about in response to his article.


on a side note…
If I’d known cooking was this easy I’d have started a long time ago. (Slow roasted tomato-basil  soup)


Two Shows Tonight

First up is the regular monthly show at Quad Studios with The South Leicestershire Improvisors Ensemble. At the same time, “Now For Something Completely Different” kicks off it’s first show of the series with The Dirty Electronics Ensemble and associated regulars. The associated regulars from the S.L.I.E. will get there shortly after the predicted late start.

Passive Analysis.

Trying some short loops (semantic satiation exercise) while listening to some melodic classical guitar as background. Mostly just Bartok and Berg.  I’m getting used to the birch bark and the nylon strings together. After collecting a few sets of phrases I’ll see about imitating them on guitar.
inch x inch